Reduces the costs of your customer by over 30% and increases your profit !

The Facts

The plastic market is getting tougher, pricing harder and the margins become smaller. swissGEL offers a solution to counter attack this trend.

The Challenges

Every company looks for ways to be the best, the fastest or the sole provider with a specific solution.

For most plastic companies, development ceases with machine technology, mold technology and material selection. If the development is furthered, there is the potential to increase capacity, improve quality thereby saving time and money; this however, is often associated with higher costs.

Our Offer

swissGEL offers licenses for the ownership of the New Polyolefin GEL Technology. Therewith, you will have the right to produce and sell ACCELOTHENE® or other additives (e.g., color master batches) for the polyolefin processing market. Our offer gives your customers the ability to save energy, reduce cost, time and resources spent, which all lead to improve your bottom line by up to 30% without the necessity of a costly investment.

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... is the newly available top additive for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding of polyolefines.