AVALESCO® is ...

  • A BARRIER COATING that prevent migration of mineral oil and other undesired substances
  • A VERY GOOD GREASE BARRIER and is then the ideal solution for food packaging
  • BIO BASED: Simply starch derived from various sources.

  • SUSTAINABLE: Replaced by natural processes at a rate comparable to or faster than its rate of consumption by humans.

  • BIODEGRADABLE: It is biodegraded at at least 90% of total mass within 6 months (EU-Norm EN 13432).

  • COMPOSTABLE: It disintegrates in the compost after 3 months and subsequent sifting through a 2 mm sieve, no more than 10% residue is remained, as compared to the original mass (EU-Norm EN 13432).

Bio plastics

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swissGEL is open for partners that are interested in commercialization of these applications.

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